Who We Are

Elcampervan started as a project by Jan Rune Hopland.
He has been travelling for many years in the Western part of Norway by camper van and now electric mini camper van. 

Staying overnight in one of the many camping sites or roaming.

Doing this on a small budget but still comfortable with necessities like toilet and showers at local campsites.

This together with enough equipment stored in the car making it more or less self-sufficient with things you need for a pleasant holiday.

Elcampervan wants to give people an opportunity to travel eco-friendly in Western Norway visiting its fjords, mountains and coastlines at an affordable price with camping sites and charging stations available along the chosen road trip in Norway.

Our core values

Be a part of the increasing awareness to reduce carbon emmision related to the tourist industry. This by offering eco friendly travelling by using electric car as an option when visiting Norway. 

Company information

Elcampervan Bergen AS
Registration number 819470022.
Business address: Langafjellet 19, 5302 Strusshamn/Bergen. Norway.
Pickup location: Esso Station Kleppestø, Klampaveien 4, 5300 Kleppestø.
E-mail address: