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Go glacier hiking in Western Norway


In the mountainous area of Western Norway there are many glaciers. Beautiful to look at from a distance, but did you know you can actually take a walk on them?

Enrol on guided tours and experience the wild and snowy landscape.  Walk safely with all the right equipment, such as ropes, ice picks and crampons, making it safe to walk among fantastic natural sculptures, pinnacles and crevices against a backdrop of natural changing light.  All equipment can be hired from the tour organizer.

Drive with your electric camper van and visit one of the many glaciers in the Western part of Norway.  You will always find a camping site nearby.

Never cross the barriers in front of the glacier without a guide!  Standing too close to the glacier can be dangerous, as a block of ice can suddenly break loose from the glacier. Going with a registered guide is always the safest way to experience this natural beauty.

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