By using the charger app you have total control over your trip at all time on your roadtrip in Western Norway.


Pick & choose among hundreds of chargers

The western part of Norway´s coastline has one of Scandinavia´s closest density of chargers.

With the app chargefinder you get total control over all charging  stations in your area. 

The grand overview

charging map

As of 2023 the western part of Norway´s coastline probably have one of Scandinavia´s closest density of chargers.

You can use the app Chargefinder to get total control over all charging  stations on your elcampervan holiday trip in Norway.

panorama beskriver utsikten

The ultimate EV tourist guide to Norway


Norway is a great destination if you are planning to bring your electric vehicle (EV) with you. Here are a few tips and tricks you should know before setting off on your Norwegian EV adventure.

Toll roads (AutoPASS)

Toll roads in Norway are quite numerous, and the cost of travelling through them can add up. All electric cars in Norway, including those with foreign registration plates, can drive through the many toll roads at either a rebated price or completely free of charge.

AutoPass (owned by the State Highways Authority) is the system used for collecting tolls throughout Norway. To drive through Norway’s automated toll roads, you will need an AutoPass tag. This is already installed in our El Camper Van and is automatically read by Toll crossing cameras.

Fast charging

Like in most other countries, the fast chargers in Norway are provided by several companies, and each charging company requires an appropriate (freely available) app to activate the chargers.

Companies in Norway providing charging stations:
Fortum Charge & Drive

Each company has an app where you can register a digital account connected to your credit card and charge directly through the app. 

If you are traveling in Western Norway, you are very likely to encounter the charging operator Eviny (BKK). To get access to their charging points, you’ll need to download the app «Bilkraft»

Beautiful days in Hardanger! 

Short distances between the locations we wanted to see. There was always a charging station nearby each of our camping sites  

Picture from ferry boat crossing the Hardangerfjord from Jondal to Tørrvikbygd