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We have just bought a new mini camper van for the summer season

It was bought in Stavanger and driven to Bergen. The distance is approximately 190km.

Rent a mini camper van bergen norwayI was at the car dealer at 08:15 in the morning and signed the papers. Nice new addition to our electric camper van customers. Driving range fully charged ca. 250km. I said to the sales person that I would use approximately the same distance to Bergen as battery distance. He was reluctant due to many up and down small hills between Stavanger and Bergen with two ferry crossings.
Hire-mini-camper-van-bergen-norwayI started at the car dealer setting trip meter to zero. The electric mini camper was charged at 251km. Trip meter was reset to zero. The journey to Bergen started.
campingvan-for-hire-bergen-norwayWhen I arrived at Bergen 4,75 hour later I had been driving 188km distance. I used 208km battery distance. This gives a ratio 208/188=1,106.
This means I am using 1,1km battery distance to drive 1km road distance. I had left 48km battery distance. Approximately 50km is sufficient in most case to have enough to drive to the nearest charging station along a planned route.