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Travelling from Bergen to Kinsarvik and Rosendal 
Roadtrip campervan norway Travelling from Bergen to Kinsarvik and Rosendal with Electric Camper van through Voss. From Bergen to Kinsarvik it is about 153km to drive. With pit stop in Voss it took 4 hours.
We started with battery capacity 243km. We reset the trip teller to 0. When we arrived at Kinsarvik we had been driving 167km battery capacity. We had 67km left. The road distance to drive is 153km. This gives us a ratio 167/153=1,09. This means that we are using 1,09 battery km capacity to drive 1km road distance.
We stayed overnight at the camping site in Kinsavik. A very good campsite.
The day after we were driving to Rosendal. Not a long distance only 87km and going through the Folgefonn tunnel. We took many small pit stops along the Sørfjorden towards Odda.
Charging electric campig sites From Rosendal to Bergen with one crossing ferry boat it is about 120km to drive. We started with 284km from Rosendal. We charged the Elcampervan using power pole connection placed in the campingsite.
When we arrived back to Bergen we had 122km battery km left. We used 162km battery capacity km. Road distance is 121km. This gives a ratio 162/121=1,34.
As you can see, we was driving “harder” returning to Bergen and using more battery capacity than from Bergen to Kinsarvik.
Along the fjord, it is mixed driving up and down small hills. Battery consumption will be between ratio 1,09 and 1,34 dependent upon your driving behavior to get the best driving range and use of electrons.