Rent an electric budget campervan or campercar in Bergen, Norway

Visit the Fjords, MOUNTAINS AND COAST western norway

Enjoy the worlds most developed network of charging stations


Choose between 4 alternatives

Eco friendly vacation in an electric car or a roundtrip with an ordinary campervan? Do you just need a budget car with rooftop box andcamping equipment? We got you covered.  the choice is yours, rent your own flexible solution from us.

Send us an inquiry with your preferred travel dates to Bergen and Western Norway SEASON 2024. 

We will send you a price offer and a non-binding booking your preferred travelling date. BOOKING starts in December.

Easy-to-drive electric mini camper van. 

Standard automatic gear P-R-N-D (B-Break). 

Drive more than 200km before recharge. 

Many charging stations Western Norway. 

Ready to sleep in the campervan

Cook your own food with gas oven

Space for storage and sleeping

Two or one doors in the rear


Awning/tent if you prefer

Sink and and cutleries

Bed and drawers

Activities along

your chosen route


A visit to Norway´s beatiful fjords leave a lasting impression and is something you won´t easily forget.


There´s just something special about being up in the mountains. You have to see it to understand it.


Explore Norway´s beatiful coastlines and visit small, quiet villages.

Explore The Fjords in Norway

Breathtaking Scenery
A visit to Norway’s beautiful fjords leaves a lasting impression and is something you won’t easily forget. 

Booking 2024 opening in december

Don’t delay, send us an email from our contact page with your preferred week/dates you want your holiday in Norway. 
We will send you a price offer to hire an eco-friendly electric camper van before you make a final decision and place a reservation.


We will cone back next year 24 with an expanded camper rental with more campervan and low cost car with tent.
All vans/cars comes with camping gear, camping cutleries and gas oven.

Explore The viking origins

See where the Vikings lived more than 1000 years ago in the Fjords, expert sailors and navigators. They traveled along the coast maneuvering between small islands and reefs.