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Explore The viking World


Rent an electric campervan

Environment Friendly

Holiday in WESTERN Norway

Rent an electric low budget campervan for two persons in Bergen Norway.

SUMMER 2023.

Send us an inquiry with your preferred travel dates to Bergen and Western Norway SUMMER 2023. 

Campervan Bergen AS will confirm your non-binding reservation and be in touch with you early spring 2023.

Use date format dd-mm-yy 01-12-22
Use date format dd-mm-yy 31-12-22

Easy-to-drive electric mini camper van. 

Standard automatic gear P-R-N-D (B-Break). 

Drive more than 200km before recharge. 

Many charging stations western part of Norway. 

Booking 2023 OPEN

Don’t delay, send us an email from our contact page with your preferred week/dates you want your holiday in Norway. 
We will send you a non-binding price offer to hire a eco-friendly electric camper van before you make a final decision and place a reservation.


Improving with better Camping Accessories and equipment in 2023

Antonio & Jan ready for season 2023

Cook your own food with gas oven and cylinder

Plenty space for storage and sleeping

Two doors in the rear

Cooking-/frying gear, cooler box and cutlery

Awning/tent if you prefer

Gas oven and food storage

Bed and large drawers

Thank you to our customers renting an electric mini campervan visiting western Norway summer 2022

A special thank you goes out to those who returned our questionnaire. We got lots of great feedback on our questions. We learned a lot how you experienced our electric campervans.  See more about our customers reply in our blog

What we can offer you


A visit to Norway's beautiful fjords leave a lasting impression and is something you won't easily forget.


There's just something special about being up in the mountains, you have to see it to understand it.


The moment you begin to explore Norway's beautiful coastlines, you'll never want to go home!

Start by boat

Wherever you choose to go throughout Western Norway, you have the choice to begin your holiday journey in one of two locations. 

You can either begin your journey in Bergen and eventually make your way to the village of Selje on the agreed date, or  alternatively, you can pick up the camper van in Selje and make your way to Bergen on the agreed day. The choice is entirely yours and subject to availability of camper vans. 

People often take the boat from Bergen along the coastline to Selje. The journey to Selje is an integral part of your introduction the the fjords, mountain and coast experience. 

Those ending their journey in Selje will take the boat back to Bergen so that regardless of start point, everyone can get the coastal boat trip of a lifetime.

Start by car

Start you journey with your camper van from Bergen to Selje. 

Enjoy the magnificent nature of the Western Norwegian coastline while you are visiting your chosen destinations along the fjord to Selje, your terminal station.

The liner catamaran in Selje will return you to Bergen along a beautiful coastline seen from the comfort of your passenger seat. 

Activities along

your chosen route

Explore The Fjords in Norway

Breathtaking Scenery
A visit to Norway’s beautiful fjords leaves a lasting impression and is something you won’t easily forget. 

Explore The viking origins

See where the Vikings lived more than 1000 years ago in the Fjords, expert sailors and navigators. They traveled along the coast maneuvering between small islands and reefs.