Campervan rental

with All you need for your road trip

Long range

Standard Campervan

Fuel Campervan Hire for Adventure Travel

2 passenger van comes supplied with everything you need for a sustainable, independent, mobile holiday experience, including gas cooker, kitchen equipment, table & chairs and ample storage space for personal belongings.  The mattress in the vehicle is perfect for giving 2 people a good night’s sleep ready for the next day’s journey.


Campervan Petrofuel is included

  • Mattresses with sheets.
  • Duvet and pillow with cover.
  • Towel 2 persons.
  • Kitchen Camping-kit.
  • Gas oven.
  • Watertank.
  • Camping table and chairs.
  • Cooling fridge.
  • Driving range 200km per day.
  • Insurance.
  • Automatic or manual transmission. Ask for availability.
  • 12V charging connections USB and cigarette lighter.

Powerfuel mini campervan

  • The electric mini campervan is a standard small cargo van converted to a small motorhome with sleeping compartment for two persons.
  • Driving cockpit and sleeping compartment is separated with wall between the two spaces. You cannot, from inside of the van, go between the driving cockpit and sleeping compartment.
  • The sleeping compartment is with an installed module which make of the bed with mattresses, pillow, duvet with sheets and blanket.
  • There is no heating in the sleeping compartment and no shower in the box van.
  • In the same module there are drawers where you will find camping kitchen equipment and -cutleries together with camping chairs and -table.
  • You will also find gas oven and gas bottle or -cylindar.
  • There will be windows in the rear which cannot be open. In some cars there are no window. This depends on availability camping cars at pick up date and time. Elcampervan will inform our customers if this is the case.
  • The campervans are standard delivered with automatic transmission. Due to availability, there might be some motor camping cars with manual gear. This will be informed in advance before booking.
NV200 Converted with Camping module.
VW Caddy Maxi Converted with Camping module.
Citroen Berlingo M Converted with Elcampervan Camping Module.
Peugeot Partner L2 Converted with Elcampervan Camping Module.
Proace City Long Converted with Elcampervan Camping Module.
Renault Kangoo Converted with Elcampervan Camping Module.
Opel Combo Cargo Converted with Elcampervan Camping Module.
Mercedes Vito converted with Elcampervan Camping Module.

Car model subject to availability. Car models subject to price adjustment/-changes due to final price offer received from Elcampervan.
There is no heating system in sleeping compartment.



Tailgate, easy set up and give a small extra room. Fixed Euro50
Awning/ sleeping tent fixed Euro50
Gas Cylinder fixed Euro50. Gas canister fixed Euro10.
Extra tent 4 people passenger car fixed Euro50
Tailgate/awning fixed Euro50
Canopy very easy to set up and gives you cover from rain or sun. Fixed Euro50.
Pickup You can pick up car/van in office time Monday - Friday 1000 until 1400.
Pickup BOX You can pick up keys  from our Pickup BOX with a PIN code. You will get PIN Code from us before you arrive.
Drop BOX You can drop the keys in our Drop BOX when you return outside office hour.
Pickup Address Our pickup and drop address is Esso Station Shop Kleppestø.
  • Taxi straight from airport to pickup location.
  • Tram Lightrail from Flesland airport to Bergen center.
  • Continue by bus or boat to pickup location.


Office hours season 2024 from Monday-Friday 1000 to 1400 local time.
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Take a look inside


Ready made sleeping compartment with mattress, duvet. pillow and sheet.


Sleep whenever you want. Ready for the next days journey.

Usage of space

Maximizing space, all stuff under the bed easily available when you need it. Camping tableware, cutlery and other utensils.


You can easily reach things you need by using different doors around the van


The awning provides an extra room where you can relax after the day’s journey.


Enough space for your personal belongings.


A quick nap before the evening and perhaps a little party with other people at the camping site?

Cooler box

Keep your food and beverages at pleasant temperature.

The silence

of the night

and the gentle sound of water