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Elcampervan/Lessor is a local company located in Bergen/Strusshamn, Norway.

We want to offer our customers eco friendly low budget vacation in Norway.

Our Terms and Conditions stated in the pages below is to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday with our campervans and cars.

Elcampervan is a registered company with legal public commitments and our Terms and Conditions is mandatory and in accordance with legal rules. 

Elcampervan will in addition to Terms and Condition use common sense and -decency, flexibility and adaptability where this is a better solution for our guests to situations that might occur.


  • Elcampervan/Lessor is responsible for providing a safe and legal vehicle at pickup.
  • Customer/Lessee is responsible for the vehicle and all damages that occurs during the rental periode. This in terms with Elcampervan Terms and Condition 2024.
  • Standard time office pickup/dropoff time Monday – Saturday 1000-1500.
  • Self-service pickup and dropoff being adviced.
  • Pickup and dropoff place Elcampervan address Kleppestø/Askøy.
  • Rental, Deposit and other agreed payment must be paid before pick-up.
  • Urgent matters call 047-98254046 or use WhatsApp.
  • Signature to this rental agreement is acceptance that received vehicle and attachments is in functional conditions.
  • Norwegian law applies to the agreement claims, compensation and other legal disputes.
  • All prices, fees and charges are inclusive 25% VAT.  


  • The driver (Lessee) has read and understood and accepted terms and conditions.
  • Current, full Driving license which allows driver(s) to operate the vehicle. If neccessary translation into English may be required.
  • The driver is confirming this by signing the rental contract.
  • Provide ID card, residence card or passport with valid address in the name of the owner.
  • Driver must be of 24 years or older. 
  • For insurance purposes, the driver(s) declared in the contract will be the only ones authorized to operate the vehicle.

The Lessee receives the vehicle, in safe and legal condition, for the duration of the agreed rental period, with all documents, tyres, tools and accessories and commits to keep them and drive the vehicle according to the Norwegian traffic rules.

With the following being expressly prohibited:

  • Driving the vehicle by unauthorized person.
  • Transporting people or goods when this explicitly implies the subletting of the vehicle.
  • Transporting people or goods without obtaining administrative authorization, required by the legal system. In case of default, the lessee will be responsible for the sanctions that could be imposed on the Lessor for the administration.
  • Driving the vehicle at the disadvantage of physical conditions, caused by alcohol, drugs, fatigue, illness or other conditions not suitable for driving.
  • Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles.
  • Having the vehicle badly parked or poorly secured when not in use.
  • Transit outside the national road network or any unsuitable land, remaining expressly excluded from the insurance coverage the damages in the vehicle or mechanical components that are damaged as a result of bad conduction, as well as the damages produced by the circulation of restricted areas of the road network.
  • Not stopping the vehicle as soon as possible, when any witness or alarm indicates an anomaly in the operation of the vehicle or is detected by the tenant, having to contact the landlord to arrange a convenient inspection, or with the insurance assistance company. No repair or assistance other than that provided without prior authorization from the lessor will be paid under such circumstances where further damage could have been avoided.
  • Driving the vehicle to another country than Norway.
  • Carry out extreme or demanding sports driving that causes premature wear or undue stress to the vehicle that does not correspond to the kilometers and that it has its origin in an excess of demand on the part of the lessor.
  • Alter any technical characteristics of the vehicle, the keys, tools and / or accessories. In the case of breach of this article the tenant must bear the costs, duly justified, of reconditioning the vehicle to its original state, as well as paying an amount in concept of immobilization of the vehicle.
  • Assign, rent, mortgage, pledge, sell or any other form of giving in guarantee.
  • Transporting children under three years of age or over three years of age who do not exceed the height of 150 centimeters without using the corresponding retention device compulsory homologated according to the weight and size of the child.
  • Our vans are equipped with “Autopass” car pas tag automatically register road passing and ferries. This will be deducted from toll deposit and if exceeding from main deposit.
  • These will be deducted from main deposit + administration fee Euro50

In situations/events occur of a vehicle engine overheating and continous driven despite information given by vehicle alarm systems and vehicle can no longer function, or other damage caused by neglect of vehicle alarm systems, Lessor has the right under its Terms and Condtions to terminate the rental agreement and to end further use of the vehicle at the Lessee expense.

The Lessee will be liable towing, transport and repair at he Lessee expense. 


  • The lessee will pick-up the vehicle at Elcampervans premises Kleppestø/Askøy at agreed time in office hour or otherwise instructed. 
  • Pick-up information will be given in advance. 
  • Vehicle will be cleaned and equipped in terms with Elcampervan quality rules.  


  • The lessee will return the rented vehicle along with all documents, keys, tyres, tools and accessories as in start rental as agreed in advance in the place, date and time at Elcampervan address in Kleppestø.
  • Any alteration return vehicle must be agreed and authorized in writing by the lessor.
  • Things missing og damaged upon vehicles retur will be charged to the Lessee credit card.
  • If car is delivered in return in an excessively dirty condition above normal use there will be an extra charge of Euro50. 
  • If vehicle is returned one hour or later,  the Lessor will demand up to 24-hour extra rental. In special circumstances Leese is obliged to inform Lessor later arrival than agreed.
  • If the lessee violates the terms in this contract the lessor will take neccessary actions to repossess the vehicle immidiately and without further notice at the lessee`s cost. 


  • All payment must be paid by accepted credit card.
  • The rental charges and deposit has to be paid no later than 30 days before start of rental.
  • The card information will be stores by Elcampervan and our payment provider.
  • Deposit will be charged from Lessee account before arrival/pick-up and refunded within 30 days after return and every balance due settled.
  • Deposit cover your selv risk fee, road toll, parking/speed fines, damages, repairs, refill gasolin and electric charging and other expected and unexpected cost.
  • Cancellation must be sent to booking@elcampervan.no.
  • Cancellation by lessor Elcampervan can be done at any time. Rental charges and deposit will be refunded without any cost or fees.
  • Cancellation by Lessee will be charged credit card.
  • Cancellation by Lessee fee <29-16> days  25% of total rental amount.
  • Cancellation by Lessee fee <15-11>  days 50% of total rental amount.
  • Cancellation by Lessee fee equal/less than than 10 days 100% of total rental amount.

The vehicle will always be delivered with a full tank. The fuel to be used will be octan95 or diesel depending upon fossil rental car. Electric vehicle uses CHAdeMO. Lesee is responsibel for choosing right fuel type/electrical charging plug.

The fossil car must be delivered with full tank. Electric car must be returned with more than 90% battery level. With lower level there will be charged the differesn pluss an administration fee Euro50.

In case of accident the lessee commits to:

  • Obtain the complete information of the opposing party and possible witnesses
  • Filling in an accident report, which will be sent to the lessor, within a period of 48 hours after producing it.
  • Do not abandon the rented vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect it.
  • Please Immediately notify the Lessor of the details.

The Lessor declares to have taken the necessary precautions to avoid mechanical failures of the rented vehicle, but in case of these, it assumes no responsibility for the damages that could directly or indirectly be caused to the lessor, as a result of said failures or breakdowns.

The Lessor has taken valid liability insurance. The rental fee includes legal mandatory standard vehicle insurance for the driver. 

  • Third party insurance liability will consist of the amount given by Norwegian law at any given time.
  • The lessee can buy additional separate accident insurance. This self risk will specify deductibles in cases of instance loss. This is specified in travel confirmation.
  • Intentional damage or damage due to gross negligence.
  • Under influence toxicants, alcohol, stimulants or sedatives.
  • Damage due to race og test driving.
  • Water damage to the vehicle due to off road driving.
  • Holes burned into seat, carpet or mats.
  • Damage caused by driving on rough road not adjusting speed accordingly.
  • Driving in places where driving is prohibited such as paths, tracks, banks of rivers, beaches or other trackless areas. Excpetions are circumstances where driver is forced to leave the road. These circumtances must immidiately be documentet.
  • Other instances refrences is made to the general CDW and SCDW insurance.

The Lessee are themselves responsible of their own belongings left in or stolen from vehicle. Elcampervan insurance are not covering personal belongings.

Insurance does not cover damage to Lessee personal property caused by unpredictable happenings or natural disasters.  

Elcampervan is not responsible if Lessee is missing pre-booked or pre-organized tours due to situations related to vehicle . Lessor will not reimburse any non-refundable deposits or other pre-payments or other associated costs.  

The Lessee , by signing this contract, authorizes Elcampervan AS to hold an amount on your credit card equal to how much you have agreed or will be left pending termination of the contract or for payment of rent, damage caused but not covered by the insurance, or any other charge attributable to the tenant, informing him of the breakdown of the charges.

The rental contract includes roadside assistance service for your peace of mind. We have a very good and effective roadside assistance network in Norway.


Elcampervan vehicles are maintained and serviced. If occasional breakdowns occurs or minor services needed Elcampervan has a 24/7 agreement covered in our insurance. Should incidents occur the Lesse must inform Lessor as soon as possible booking@elcampervan.no or WhatsApp. 

In case of downtime Elcampervan is limited to refunding when vehicle is in a repair shop and the time lost through not being able to drive the vehicle.

The Lessor ha no right to choose between Elcampervan refunding lost time and Elcampervan paying the accommodation to a maximum NOK1.000 per night.  

Minor repair to mechanical items will be reimbursed against receipts on dropoff. Maximum acceptable amout is NOK2.500.

Should roadside assist be needed by Lesse due to flat battery and it is detected that the cause was dure to fault of Lesse, the Lesse will be responsible for the roadside assistand fee. Other reasons there will be no charge. 

Tyre damage, spiked- and flat tyres are at the cost of the gust. Lessee  will be responsible for tyre- and windscreen  damage deducted from deposit.

The standard pickup and dropoff destination will be Elcampervan office in Kleppestø/Askøy. 

The Lessee may request the lessor to transport the vehicle to an address different from the standard address, as well as for its collection. This service should be requested at the same time of arranging to rent the vehicle. This must be explicitedly agreed in advance at an extra cost. 

We inform you that your personal data will be processed in a client file under the responsibility of Elcampervan. The processing of your data is necessary for the development of the commercial relationship that binds us and may be the object of assignments of mandatory compliance according to current regulations. We will not sell or abuse your personal data or details and only use it in accordance with the law.

In case the vehicle is returned with exterior dents or other damage, it will serve as documentation.


Rental vehicle, presented in website, may vary from different brand and models available at any time. Brand and model within the group of car choosen for rental can be subject for changes before agreed picup day/time. Eventually changes will not affect the level of price agreed, comfort and usability. Changes that may occur will be informed to lessee.


Equipment included will vary from pictures in website presented under each group of campervan and campercar. They will anyway be of same useful value as expected from each item. 

Gas bottle/-can supplied fluid level will vary and can be exchanged throughout petrol stations in Western Part of Norway.

All equipment and gas bottle-/can must be used in accordance with normal and accepted/safe usage. The Lesee is responsible for any damage caused by incorrect use og equipment included and gas bottle-/can and gas fittings.

Please take car of our nature. Make as little impact as possible when travelling. Keep the places where you are resting or stay overnight clean and tidy. You will always find a trash can in nearest village where your garabage is taken appropriate car of by local municipality – free of charge.