Thank you all our customers renting an electric mini campervan visiting Western Norway last summer

You were all participating in a new venture offering travelling and accommodation in an environmentally friendly way.

Low cost electric mini camper van with sufficient equipment was a success and we will continuing developing our electric campervan rental for holidays this years new season 2023.

Almost every one of them experienced that electric cars are the future of road travel. None of our customers was running on an empty battery and only a few had, in the beginning, what we call “Rekkevidde-Angst” – driving range anxiety. They all managed to get to a charging station with lots of power to spare.

Charging electric campig sites

This is quite normal the first day of driving an electric car before you become better in planning driving range and adjusting for uphill roads (consuming more electrons) and personal driving behavior.

Remember when you are at the top of mountain and going downhill gravity is on your side regenerating electrons back to the battery.
Many also understood quickly how driving behavior can affect driving range.

They developed skills how to drive better increasing km range before having to recharge.

Look in our Blog for more information about driving an electric vehicle.

The average daily driving range was between 138 and 173km.
All our visitors only had  to charge once a day.

Our questionnaire was popular to answer and we got lots of feedback how they experienced our electric mini camper vans. The general responses were as follows:

1. Almost everyone came by air (hopefully within 10 years’ time planes are electric).
2. Our cars was sufficiently clean.
3. Reasonable rent by standard.
4. Almost everyone did mountain walking and visited a glacier.
5. There was enough equipment and cutlery.
6. There was only one having problems at charging stations.
7. One customer was experiencing driving range anxiety driving uphill, fear of emptying the battery.
8. There were no problems finding recharging stations. A couple of our customers experienced that they have to wait a little while at a charging station because other electric vehicle drivers wanted to charge at the same time (Our personal experience in Elcampervan if this occurs it takes up to 20-30 minutes waiting time before a charging station is available).
9. Two couple complaint about humidity in the sleeping compartment due to heavy rain (Remember our concept is low budget electric vans converted to camper van. This with minimum technical installation and that gives enough comfort to sleep in the camping car compared with sleeping in a tent on the ground).
10. There was no problem using either computer in car or smartphone finding charging stations.
11. Some manage to charge overnight at paid camping space and some could not due to current capacity at local campsite.
12. Only two was using the awning/tent supplied with the mini electric motor home.
13. Everyone was answering that it was important or very important choosing environmental/sustainable holiday at present and in the future.

In general, we can conclude after season 2022 that our rental offer electric mini camper van the rental price is in accordance with expected supplied equipment, cutlery and comfort.

We will, however in season 2023, improve interior comfort; make it better to store equipment and personal belongings.

We will implement measures for better ventilation to avoid moisture.

To all our customers and those being in contact with us.

There will be an increase in price summer 2023. Unfortunate this due to general price increase in western society.

For those of you who want to have your holiday once again in Norway we can give you the same price Euro95.  If you make your reservation by the end of January 2023.

You can also give this offer to friends of yours. Remember to tell them that they have to state your e-mail address as reference.

Once again thank you for being in contact with us in 2022.

To those, who was renting an electric mini camper van, thank you for choosing us and thank you for giving us your answers in our questionnaire.

Jan Rune