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sUMMER 2020


9 girls on an adeventure.

Beatiful days in the western fjords!

Short distance to drive and easily accessible charging stations.

The trip

We manage to get to
charging stations before running out of fuel or more correct electrons.
No problem, it turned out. We made sure not to
drive too long distances to make sure we did not have any problems with
charging along the way. 
Here you can see some
of the routes we drove:

eventyret starter


Monday morning, 15th of June. 20 degrees Celsius, we gathered 9 girls to enjoy a trip to places we would like to explore.
With two charging stops, we safely arrived at Kinsarvik. The stops, charging the car, we spent time eating breakfast before driving on. Nice and calmly, no hurry. 

On top of the fjord

The queen`s trail

Immediately, when we arrived at Kinsarvik, we made ready our backpack and started to walk The Queen`s Trail.
We really understand why she wants to walk the path once a year. Just look at the pictures.

Look at panoramic view



The Queen`s Trail or “hm queen sonja’s panoramic trail” goes up to 1100 meter altitude in the mountains between Kinsarvik and Loftshus.

With a view inwards The Sørfjorden and Folgefonna Glacier you have the possibility to walk the famous “Munketrappene”. At the same time you are passing thousands of fruit trees.

A magnificent combination of fjord and Mountain. 

Panoramautsikt over fjordene

Munke trappene

We started the walking trip from Kinsarvik and arrived at Loftshus.

All along the trip you have a fantastic view of Sørfjorden, Odda, Folgefonna and the bridge crossing the Hardangerfjord.

You finish the trip the last 616 steps down the stairs called “Munketrappene”.

ved eidsfjordens bredder

Picnic by the fjord

When we returned to «base-Camp» at Kinsarvik Camping it was time for a refreshing swim in the fjord.
The homemade Taco was on the menu.
Very easy to make with all the necessary kitchen cutlery, gas oven and table & chairs included in the camper van.

First night

9 girls in hammocks by the water.

with the sky as roof

The first night some of us slept in hammock with a view of Eidfjorden.

The rest had a pleasant sleep in our electric camper van.  

No mosqitos

In the camper van with inflatable matress. Warm, soft and comfortable.

And most important – no mosquitos

panorama beskriver utsikten



The day after we decided to departure from Kinsarvik driving in 1.5 hour.

We were passing Odda, on the road to Sunndal. There we once more bag packed to a place called Bondhusvatnet.

We didn’t regret this.

Vi gikk til endes i Bondhusdalen, og kom da til denne nydelige fossen. Her kunne vi også henge opp hengekøyene, og tok oss en liten lunsjpause.


Folge fonna

Folgefonna Glacier Ski Resort are situated approximately 30 minutes from Jondal.

Some of us took the opportunity to go skiing in 20 degrees Celsius and perfect sun.

Splendid snow conditions and what a view from top of the skiing slope. Highly recommendable.


Summer skiing

The Fonna Glacier Ski Resort is one of the most well-known summer ski resorts in Europe. From the mountain station of the Folgefonna Glacier, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Hardanger Fjord and the glacier. When the weather is clear, you can even see all the way to the North Sea.

Localated 1200 meter above sea level the Fonna Glacier is in the middle of the heart of Hardanger.

Beautiful days in Hardanger comes to an end. Short distances between places we wanted to see.

We were only charging the el campervan when we stayed at our new camping place.

We spent little time on the road to re-charge the car.

Pictures from the ferry crossing from Jondal to Tørrvikbygd.

Just enough electricity to arrive back home approximately 120km.